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First travel post coming soon! 

First travel post coming soon! 

The End

I am done and I am finally here
Realizing that hating you for not loving me is not fair
There are many things that I wish for
You’re giving, but I simply want more
We are friends and that’s what we’ll always be
Accepting the fact that you and me will never be a we

A moment of clarity and a moment of bliss
Our chat conservations I will surely miss
This is just a bump in road for me
Because I know that whatever is meant to be, will be
This is it, this is the end
I’m finally here, finally happy, the end.


Here I am, thinking ahead
Thinking of all you’ve said
Wondering what it all means
They mean something, so it seems
Maybe it’s just in my head
Thinking of you as I lay in bed Wondering where you are
Wondering how you are
Wishing you were here
Instead of there.




At first you were like
Me and her, her and me
Talking talking more talking
Making jokes, making comments
I’m sitting there in front of you
Occasional joke, cccasional comment
Listening and secretly watching

Later we walking
Five then three then two
Just me and you
Walking togethere
Standing so close
But feeling so far away
Walking and talking
Decent conversations
Thats a first

We were meant to go separate ways
But you walked me
You waited for me
Now confused
This love, one way or two?
I can’t tell.